Welcome to fotoBistro, an online journal written by and for people who enjoy exploring and interpreting the world through the lens of a camera. Any camera. Because ‘seeing’ goes beyond the actual camera, how many megapixels it has, how intelligent it’s face-detection mode is, or whether it automatically zaps red-eye. Seeing manifests itself when something catches your eye, makes you stop what your doing, take out a camera, and go ‘click’. And it could be a picture of anything that makes you hit the breaks, stop, pick up your camera and go ‘click’.

fotoBistro is about seeing. It’s about the art and craft of capturing what you see in your mind’s eye in way that makes others stop, pause, and also take note of them.

When interesting new photographic products and technologies come around, we’ll take note of these items too, but from a perspective other than press release chatter.

And if you do browse our pages, please drop us a line and let us know how we’re doing.

-Allan Weitz, fotobistro@gmail.com

(Allan who? Allan Weitz had his first pictures published in Popular Photography when he was a senior at the High School of Art & Design, and he paid most of his tuition at the School of Visual Arts by selling Pop Photo and others even more pictures. After graduating he went on to taking studio and location photographs for a long list of editorial and corporate clients. Along the way he also managed to build a reputation as a yachting photographer. Go figure…

Twenty five years down the line he began writing articles on photographic gear and techniques for a dozen or so magazines and trade journals. Appropriately, his first article appeared in Popular Photography.

Allan Weitz currently serves as a Writer/Presenter for Online Videos and Special Projects Writer at B&H Photo in NYC.

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